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Environmental Issues Among Top Priorities

When you go out to cast your vote what is normally on your mind as you tick that box? Are you thinking of the future or just the present? What about the environment? What will your choice of leader do for the environment?

Before you get good answers to these questions and so many others you should not queue to cast a vote. What makes a leader great is not only having you as the citizen in mind alone but also the environment which we live in without which we would not exist. A leader should care for the environment and fight to ensure that we conserve the resources we have today so that they not only benefit us but also the generations to come.

Soon you will have the opportunity to cast your vote which is your greatest power and which also holds the key to your future. Your vote is the great power granted to you by the democracy of our great Country and so you should use it to make the change you want to see in our beautiful Island.

As you contemplate on the fourth coming election Dwight Takamine is the name that should be on your mind. By voting for him you vote for a leader with a proven track record and who is motivated to see One Island, One People and One Family.

For years now, environmental issues have always been a top agenda in many forums but nobody seems to be coming up with a solution for all these problems surrounding the environment. Besides from the empty promises made by leaders there has been little change with regards to environmental management. As the debate continues on how best to tackle these problems the environment continues to suffer even more.

Overfishing and other fishing related issues have for long threatened our indegenous marine life and there seems to be little to no intervention. By electing a leader who cares for the environment you will have played a role in bringing to an end all these fishing issues. Imagine going out to an empty ocean that was once full of life? Make the wise choice as your cast your vote and these will not have to happen.

The beauty of our Island is facing a big threat from chemical dumping by some of the industries here. There is no excuse for dumping poisonous chemicals into our environment and so we need a leader that will help us prevent these unscrupulous people from choking our environment with toxins. A leader who cares for the environment will not sit or look the other way as our environment is ruined. This type of leader will take the relevant actions to ensure that the future generations also get to enjoy our beautiful paradise.

Buffalo grass care will also be on top of the agenda of Dwight with regard to the environment. We all know the impact that this grass has to our environment and supporting life. Given the fact that it is resistant to almost everything then it definitely deserves to be taken care off.

For more information on environmental issues on the island, visit this link: http://www.nature.org/ourinitiatives/regions/northamerica/unitedstates/hawaii/

Watch this space for more information that is going to follow soon on our website.